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Mitarbeiterportrait Dr. Albena Shkodorova
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  • communist history
  • social and cultural history
  • cultural history of food
  • comparative social history

Academic Experience

10-2020 -12-2020

Visiting Fellow, Center for Advanced Studies (CAS), Sofia, Bulgaria

02-2020 - current

Postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Social Movements - RUB. Research project: Upward Social Mobility in Europe's New Towns after the Second World War

05-2018 - 01-2020

Research Fellow at MoSa (Modernity and Society 1800-2000) Research group, Faculty of Arts, KU Leuven, Belgium.

09-2015 - 08-2017

Scientific collaborator at the History Department of the Faculty of Arts, VUB, Brussels, Belgium.

04-2015 - 06-2015

Visiting Fellow, Institute for Human Sciences (IWM), Vienna, Austria.

02-2015 - 10-2017

Doctoral research at the University of Brussels (VUB) and the University of Leuven (KUL). Research title: “Rebellious Cooks: Practical and Hedonistic Powers of Recipes in Late Communist Bulgaria” Supervisors: Prof. dr. Peter Scholliers, Prof. dr. Yves Segers.

Teaching Experience

  • History of Poland. BA course at the Faculty of Arts, KU Leuven (academic year 2019/2020).
  • Oral History. MA course at the Faculty of Arts, KU Leuven (academic years 2018/2019 and 2019/2020).

Talks, workshops and guest lectures

  • Cookbooks as a historical source. Guest lecture at the Cultural studies MA program at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", 3 December 2020.
  • Shkodrova, Albena (2019) Food and Politics. Introductory presentation at Mélange, International seminar on culinary narratives, representations, and discourses, Bangalore, India, 8-9 March 2019.
  • Seminar New Approaches to the Oral History Interview. 28 February 2019, Brussels. A joint project with Hanne De Jaegher ( A joint event of MoSa, KU Leuven and FARO, Brussels).
  • Food - a history of European encounters and exchanges. 8 May 2018, The House of European History, Brussels. With Peter Scholliers, Loïc Bienassis and Vintila Mihailescu.
  • Mastering the interview as a qualitative research method. A lecture at U-Sentric centre for customer-driven innovation. (October 2018, Leuven, Belgium).
  • Media in the Balkans. A guest-lecture at the Gent University, Department of history, 16 December 2010.

Publication List

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