Mitteilungsblatt des Instituts für soziale Bewegungen

Heft 48/2012


David Redvaldsen: 

Introduction, pp. 5-10.
Ragnheiður Kristjánsdóttir For Equality or Against foreign Oppression? The Politics of the Left in Iceland Leading up to the Cold War, pp. 1-28.
Flemming Mikkelsen Class and social Movements in Scandinavia since 1945, pp. 29-48.
Carolina Uppenberg Female Workers but not Women: Paradoxes in Women’s Conditions and Strategies in Swedish Trade Unions 1900-1925, pp. 49-72.
Tapio Bergholm Decade of Equality: Employment, Pay and Gender in Finland in the 1970s, pp. 73-88.
Natasha Vall Doing thier own Thing: Squatting Movements in Copenhagen and Stockholm during the 1970s, pp. 89-110.

Abby Peterson and Ylva Mattsson-Wallinder

An Explorative Study of the Impact of Local Political Opportunity. Structures on the Electoral Mobilisation of the Far-Right Movement in Sweden, pp.111-132.
David Redvaldsen Eugenics as a Science and as a Social Movement: The cases of Denmark and Norway 1900-1950, pp. 133-156.
Clive Archer Norway Then and Now: A Comparison of Norwegian Society in the Late 1960s and Today, pp. 157-178.
Omar H. Kristmundsson and Steinunn Hrafnsdottir The Role of Non-Profi t Organisations in the Development and Provision of Welfare Services in Iceland, pp. 179-192.


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