Mitteilungsblatt des Instituts für soziale Bewegungen

Heft 27/2002

Labour an Social History in Great Britain Historiographical Reviews and Agendas, 1990 to the Present

Table of Contents:

Stefan Berger
 Introduction, S. 5-18

I. The Labour Movement

Lawrence Black Labour at 100, S. 19-34
Steven Fielding `New` Labour and the `New` Labour History, S. 35-50
John Callaghan The Foreign Policies of the Labour Party, S. 51-68
Kevin Morgan Labour with Knobs on? The Recent Historiography of the Britsh Communist Party, S. 69-84
Alastair Reid Trade Union History: The Consolidation of Revisionism, S. 85-102
Chris Wrigley The Co-operative Movement, S. 103-116
Dan Weinbren Ìmagined Families`: Research on Friendly Societies, S. 117-136

II. Social and Intellectual History

Andy Croll The Impact of Postmodernism on Modern British Social History, S. 137-152
Ross McKibbin Classes and Cultures: a Postscript, S. 153-166
Edmund Neill British Political Thought in the 1990s:
Thatcherism, Citizenship and Social Democracy, S. 167-184
Karen Hunt Gender and Labour History in the 1990s, S. 185-200

III. Institutions

John Halstead / Stefan Berger  The Society for the Study of Labour History and its Journal, S. 201-212

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