Mitteilungsblatt des Instituts für soziale Bewegungen

Heft 25/2001

Amerikanische Arbeitergeschichte heute


Irmgard Steinisch Amerikanische Arbeitergeschichte heute, 5-28
Gunther Peck In Search of an American Working Class:
National Fictions in the Making of Western Labor History, 29-46
Elizabeth Faue Reproducing the Class Struggle:
Class, Gender and Social Reproduction in United States Labor History, 47-66
Joan Sangster Women`s Work:
Re-examining Canadian and American Women`s Labour History, 67-88
Donald H. Avery Native Workers in Canada and the United States:
A Comperative Perspective, 89-118
Craig Heron The Contested Terrain of Workers Heritage:
Recent North American Experience, 119-132


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