Moving the Social - Journal of Social History and the History of Social Movements (zugleich Mitteilungsblatt des Instituts für soziale Bewegungen)

No. 63 (2020) - Cross Movement Mobilisation - Perspectives from the Global North and South

Sabrina Zajak, Jenny Jansson, Ilse Lenz and Geoffrey Pleyers Cross-Movement Mobilization and New Modes of Solidarity in Times of Crisis in the Global North and South
Janet M. Conway and Anabel Paulos Feminism, Food Sovereignty and Cross-Movement Mobilisation Against Neoliberal Globalisation in Latin America: Intertwined Genealogies
Juliana R. Luiz, Priscila Delgado de Carvalho and Marco Antonio Teixeira Cross-Movement in Latin America: Lessons from the Mercosur Confederation of Family Farming Organisations (Coprofam)
Kei Takata Connecting with the First or the Third World?: Two Paths Toward the Transnational Network Building in the Japanese Global Sixties
Supurna Banerjee Solidarities in and through Resistance: Rethinking Alliance-Building through Protests in Plantations in India
Beatrice Halsaa The (Trans)National Mobilisation of Sámi Women in Norway
Philipp Reick Toward a History of Urban Social Movements
Jürgen Kocka Social History as Commitment. On the Occasion of Klaus Tenfelde‘s 75th Birthday Reviews
Philipp Reick Studies of Growth and Decline: New Books on the History of the Western  Working Class
Kevin J. Callahan A Decade of Research on the Second International: New Insights and Methods