The Documentation Center Ruhr Research (DSR)

The establishment of the Documentation Center Ruhr Research (DSR) was promoted by the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung trough an extended period. The DSR oughts to allow a quick access to relevant literature for scientists of variety of disciplines, regional and local historians and the public.

It is based on the evaluation of new publications of the scientific literature with relation to the Ruhr. This will making widely available free of charge for the Library of the Ruhr Foundation in particular by the publishers established in the region. Furthermore the earlier scientific literature, which already existing in the foundation will be evaluat.

Anthologies, monographs and relevant publications, and contributions of the scientific journal are documented. The focus is on the historical and sociological study of the Ruhr, whereat the geographic scope is considered liberal. Not included are fiction publications. The DSR performs so in a special way the mission of the Library of the Ruhr Foundation, to acquire, to index and to keep available sources and literature on past and present of the Ruhr. The library provides each documented title from their stock by borrowing, interlibrary loan or for consultation in the reading room.

The intention is to complete  the documentation retrospectively thus it catch up with the older Ruhr-bibliographies of Hermann Corsten or its successors will. All tracks are recorded after the autopsy principle. The Library of the Ruhr is grateful for any information on any missing titles and solicits a message to Mrs. Beate Hepprich.

The documents are searchable in the online catalog. At the same time there is an evidence of contribution of the database in the union catalogue of the Academic Library Center of North  Rhine-Westphalia by the library signet "Bm3".