Moving the Social - Journal of Social History and the History of Social Movements (Mitteilungsblatt des Instituts für soziale Bewegungen)

No. 65 (2021) - Right-wing populist movements and gender

Caner Tekin Introduction: How do Right-Wing Populists come to Terms with Gender Today?
Dorothee Beck A Bridge with Three Pillars. Soldierly Masculinity and Violence in Media Representation in Germany
Feyda Sayan-Cengiz,  Selin Akyüz Performances of Populist Radical Right and Political Masculinities: A Comparative Study of Orbán and Wilders
Julia Roth Gender, Populism and Anti-Immigration: Ethno-Sexist, Femonationalist and Femoglobal Alliances
Caner Tekin Anti-Immigration Propaganda in the Northern League and the Freedom Party of Austria: Discursive Changes with Reference to Gender, Muslim Migrants, Ethnicity and Class
Carlos Rafael Rea Rodríguez Framing in a Multicultural Social Movement: The Defence of the San Pedro Mezquital River (Mexico)
Christoph Lorke Beyond Egalitarianism: Statistical Knowledge and Social Inequality in the German Democratic Republic Obituary
Philipp Müller Past Intensities. An Obituary for Alf Lüdtke (1943–2019)
Jan Kellershohn Nature, Knowledge, and Protest. A Review of Recent Publications on the History of Environmentalism