International Workshop: Analysing Historical Narratives

During the last years the field of narratology, especially the multi-layered issues of narratological analyses, have been gaining significance in the humanities. The historical sciences, historical culture and history didactics are ultimately affected by this tendency. In terms of methodologies and theories, narratology is a heterogeneous research area and certainly a subject of controversial debate. Nevertheless, there has been a considerable amount of high level research in the field, using some shared terminology. To gain more insight in the common ground of narrative analysis across epochs and disciplines Nicola Brauch (Bochum), Stefan Berger (Bochum) and Chris Lorenz (Amsterdam/Bochum) organised an international workshop “Analysing Historical Narratives. Theory and Practice”, taking place on 7-9 July 2017. Experts from different disciplines were brought together, which made the workshop an interdisciplinary platform to explore and debate the various theories and methods that can be used to analyse narrative representations of the past.


© Photos: Kashmir Dhankhar