Current Dissertations

Name Title Furtherance since
Bebnowski, David ja 2016
Belinskii, Andrei 11/2015
Berger, Alrun Historical Cultures of the 1960s West German and British Peace Movement 04/2015
Bergmann, Patrick 12/2015
Böhm, Patrick 10/2018
Camêlo, Antonio Borchelt 11/2016
Dong, Li-Zeng The Comparison between Ruhr and China on Industrial Heritage 2017
Ehms, Julia Der Untergang des revolutionären Syndikalismus - die FAUD und der Versuch syndikalistischer Betriebsarbeit in der Weimarer Republik Rosa-Luxem-burg-Stiftung 10/2015
Eszrenyi, Steve A comparison of English and West German working-class literature between 1949-1989 2014
Fabian, Norbert 03/2019
Fleiter, Andreas Prison reform in Germany and the United States: Maryland and Prussia, 1850-1930 Studienstiftung 10/1999
Fischer, Jonas Knowledge cultures in subjectivation-processes of disabled people since the 1970s FES 7/2018
Golombek, Jana "'Please fill the gap'" - Industrial heritage as a postindustrial placeholder? A comparision of Upper Silesia, Pittsburg and the Ruhr Area since the 1980s Land NRW, RVR, RAG-Stiftung 02/2015
Gorny, Alicia Stiftung des Ruhrgebiets 01/2019
Gortanutti, Giulia Fragmented Alliances against the Colossus.Transnational cooperation between trade unions and social movements against the Transnational Trade and Investment Partnership
Heith, Holger Youth and Unions: The Miners Youth in Germany 1945-1998 ISB 01/2000
Horstmann, Anna 5/2018
Jayaethi, Ramesha The Development of Ethno-Religious Nationalism and its Impact on Post-Colonial History-Writing in Sri Lanka 5/2018
Jünger, Andreas 02/2015
Kellershohn, Jan Stiftung des Ruhrgebiets 2016
Kollritsch, Felix Transnational networks of left-wing intellectuals in the context of the new left in Germany FES 11/2014
König, Jana 05/2016
Kritter, Sabine Representations of Work in Museums Hans-Böckler-Stiftung 04/2014
Langwald, Sarah Rosa-Luxem-burg-Stiftung 04/2015
Lauber, Johanna Die Europäischen Sozialforen: Orte zur Konstruktion transnationaler Allianzen zwischen Gewerkschaften und Sozialen Bewegungen? Hans-Böckler-Stiftung 10/2015
Li, Zheng Dong 05/2016
Li, Zijian 05/2016
Müller, Moritz 10/2016
Nikolas, Ana-Maria Kooperation zwischen sozialen Bewegungsorganisationen und Gewerkschaften in den europäischen Anti-Austerität-Protesten Hans-Böckler-Stiftung 10/2015
Padua, Tico 2017
Plötz, Marion The Development of the German Kolping Society after 1945 in the Mirror of Labor Related Association Work: A Contribution to the History of Social Movements and ‘Associational Catholicism’ 03/2016
Siepmann, Marcel 12/2014
Seiffert, Joana Political violence in the Ruhr area in the Weimar Republic Gerda Henkel Stiftung 07/2012
Stalder-Thon, Mandy 12/2016
Stonescu, Richard Hans-Böckler-Stiftung 2016
Täufert, Katharina Hans-Böckler-Stiftung 06/2013
Teichmann, Ulf Hans-Böckler-Stiftung 06/2013
Trabalski, Daniel 11/2016
Vladu, Anda Nicolae 11/2016
Vogt, Dennis
Woywod, Niklas 5/2018
Wuttke, Ingo 2017

Current Habilitations

Hoffrogge, Ralf Work during the crisis - Crisis interpretations of trade unions and crisis policy in Germany and the UK 10/2014
Voigt, Sebastian

Completed dissertations since 2008

Name Title Furtherance Completion
Adamski, Jens Doctors of social life. The Social Research Centre Dortmund 1946-1969 Wilhelm und Günter Esser Stiftung 07/2008
Ahland, Frank "Dance on raw eggs without breaking them." The unionists Louis Rosenberg HBS
Beyer, Burkhard Industrialization of the business. The firm of Krupp 1811-1850 Krupp-Förderung (Krupp-Archiv)
Choi, Jae-Ho Education Policy in the Federal German Republic in the 1960s and 1970s
Großewinkelmann, Johannes Tradition and Reform - Professional training in Solingen and Bielefeld metal industry since the turn of the century
Gawehn, Gunnar The history of the Zeche Zollverein from its founding until the outbreak of World War I Stiftung-Zollverein/Wilhelm und Günter Esser Stiftung 06/2011
Hahnwald, Jens Labor and labor movements in a "peripheral" region: the Hochsauerland 1890-1933 Landkreis HSK
Heistermann, Marion Between disassembly and reassembly. The Essen Industrial Development Agency, and economic reconstruction on the site of the Krupp steel factory Stadt Essen
Irmak, Kenan Holger The sick. Old people and the elderly patient in Germany, 1924-1961
Kössler, Till Party cadres and working class. The communists in West Germany 1945-1960 DFG, Graduierten- förderung NRW
Jung, Yongsuk The miner's family in the Ruhr 1945-1990 (Korea)
Kruke, Anja Political opinion research and the SPD in 1945 Bennigsen-Förder-Preis Ziemann
Lee, Dae-Heon Social policy and industrial relations a "state coal mine" in the Ruhr 1918-1933
Löwen, John Wesley The history of the German electricity industry in the postwar period RWE AG 11/2011
Martin, Katrin The own in a foreign land. Cross-border relations in the contact zone Saarland-Lorraine (1850-1914) Deutsches Historisches Institut Paris
Michels, Barbara Expert officialdom and bourgeois socialization: The mining and metallurgical Association
Mintert, David The Kemna and the dismantling of the socialist environment in the Bergisch Land FES
Oerters, Kathrin Mining culture and cultural politics of the structure of the Ruhr mining industry Projekt- förderung 02/2010
Owetschkin, Dimitrij Konrad Schmidt and the revisionism of the German Social Democracy Gottlieb Daimler und Karl Benz-Stiftung
Park, Gyn-Jung The German Social Democrats and the social legislation of the Diet 1890-1914 Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
Piquet, Nathalie Employment and industrial relations in the northern French and Belgian mines under German occupation ZIB
Przigoda, Stefan Business associations in the Ruhr mining from 1858 to 1933. The History of Mining Association and Association of Colliery
Rawe, Kai Forced labor in the Ruhr coal mining during the First World War ZIB
Remeke, Stefan Social policy and trade unions 1969-1974 HBS
Rudzinski, Marco History of the Bochumer Verein until 1914 Stipendium Krupp-Stiftung 01/2002
Schwitanski, Alexander Rights beyond the law? - Basic and human rights in the history of German Social Democracy (1919-1949) FES
Shin, Myoung-Hoon Labour Offices in the German labor movement - a social institution for the union in the Empire in World War I and the Weimar Republic Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
Stadtland, Helke The FDGB and "his" workers. Tradition and Transformation in the East German trade unions, as an example of the Mining in IG Chemie in the SBZ / GDR between 1945-1953
Starodub, Alissa Sites of Dissent. Space-making practices of Autonomous Social Movements in Europe as socio-political conflict: a comparative participatory action research. Heinrich-Böll Stiftung 11/2018
Tekin, Caner Conceptualizations of the European “Self” and “Other” in Political Levels of the Contemporary European Union: Representations of the EU and Turkey within the Current Enlargement 2017
Urban, Thomas The use of foreign workers in the Central and East German brown coal industry during the Second World War Henkel-Stiftung
Vollmer, Walter Montan codetermination - "democratization" of the corporate culture? privat 11/2001

Completed Habilitations

Name Title Printing place Year
Puschnerat, Tânia Clara Zetkin. Bourgeois and Marxism
Rudolph, Karsten Economic diplomacy in the Cold War. The "Ostpolitik" of West German big business 1945-1991
Ziemann, Benjamin Catholic Church and Social Sciences 1945-1975

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