Moving the Social - Journal of Social History and the History of Social Movements (zugleich Mitteilungsblatt des Instituts für soziale Bewegungen)

No.56 (2016)

Enrico Dal Lago

Emancipation from Slavery and Serfdom, and Land Rights, pp. 5-23.

Traugott Jähnichen

Protestantism and the Trade Union Movement in the 20th Century – from ideological Confrontation to Socio-Political Cooperation, pp. 25-44.

Jared R. Donelly

Through the Iron Curtain. West German Activists and the 1961 San Francisco to Moscow Walk for Peace, pp. 45-71.

Benedikt Sepp

Beyond the Buttocks as a Political-Geographical Model – A Praxeological Approach to West Germany’s National Revolutionaries, pp. 73-92.

Stephen Milder

From Whyl to Wall Street, pp. 93-113.

Gildas Brégain

Comparative Study of Two Protest Marches for Disabled People’s Rights (Spain 1933 – Bolivia 2011), pp. 115-140.

Konrad Gutkowski and Dagmar Kift

On “Events Heard” – researching and Re-using Industrial Soundscapes, pp. 141-147.

Raffael Beier

Workshop Report, pp. 149-153.

Stefan Berger

What is New in the History of Social Movements?, pp. 155-167.